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AI is being blended in our day to day life with an expectation of improving our life and so also the overall environment of the world. However, small changes in the programming or algorithms can bring forth to a huge deviation in the outcomes. Who will ensure that the same outcome is acceptable to the society? Even a significant portion of these developments will be done in unorganized sectors by freelance programmers. And there will be developments of small AI modules, which will be used as it is or may be integrated to a complex AI model. It is expected that the modules will be undergoing some acceptance tests at the industry level. However, there is no mechanism to ensure that inputs used in the tests has also taken care of the ethical acceptability of the modules, which will even largely be impacted by the ethical biases of the developers.

To maintain competitive relevance, there could be manipulation in the algorithms also. The output from such module may not be ethically acceptable to the society. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly, these AI will challenge the very fabric of the society.


AI Ethics International is working with companies, authorities and policy makers to pursue embedding ethical approach in AI development during this growth stage. Intention will be to educate and ensure inclusion of the ethical norms in the design stage. AI Ethics International will also track and monitor the developments and will highlight the breaches.


To ensure achievement of its goal, AI Ethics International works as an autonomous body. While AI Ethics International, accepts donations from all sectors of the society for its functioning, it is not influenced for the maintaining the interest of the donor.

In the journey of embedding the ethical approach in the development of thinking machine, AI Ethics International shall put its sincere efforts that there are no lapses on the part of its members and therefore, shall take special care to appraise the sensitivity of the conflict of interest to all individuals associated to its National Chapters or secretariat.


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AI Ethics International is presently working on the Governmental policies. We will highlight on the probable contributions of authorities, to help them to move enough fast to catch up with the progress achieved so far by the industry.


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AI-EP index is the first index developed around AI Ethics Perception of the countries – having 4 major categories including implementation capabilities, evaluated through 140 parameters. It is an elaborate exercise that authentically document the present day status of ethical implementation of Artificial Intelligence .

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