About Us

AI Ethics International was formed in the last quarter of 2018 with a mission to pursue ethical use of this highly potential technology to ensure a better support for humanity and the mother earth. AI Ethics International will help academia, industries and the authorities appraising the development and highlighting achievements in adhering AI Ethics. Algorithms are highly sensitive. With same inputs, a small change in algorithms can give rise to a significantly deviated result. And a portion of this algorithm may be developed even in unorganized sector by freelance programmer. AI Ethics International believes that it is very important that ‘ethical stress test’ are embedded in the design stage itself, alongwith a continuous reviewing and updating cycle, so that the robustness in the system can be ensured and the outcomes of the modules are acceptable to the society as well.

With concerted effort, we can help improving life with the better use of this technology.

AI Ethics International will help generating the awareness, creating international conventions, highlighting breaches by companies, individuals or countries and making them accountable.

We are non-political and autonomous and not-for-profit organization.

Our Vision

World gets a smooth transition towards using Artificial General Intelligence in achieving a better AI environment for humanity, all the living beings and the mother earth.

Our Mission

AI is developed through ethical stress tests in its design stage, so that the outcome is culturally and ethically acceptable to the societies.


John Doe

Research Assistant

John Doe

Research Assistant



Our Executive Board is under formation comprised of distinguished subject matter expert from Technological, Academia, Sociological, Economics, Consultancy and Legal background. This board will be responsible for strategy formation, executing and supervising activities of different National Chapters and will report to the Chair.

Executive Board members are forming the smaller functional committees to provide leadership ensuring better execution on the subjects and their respective regions.

Executive Board


Our Advisory Board members are accomplished personalities coming from a wide spectrum of Industries, Sociology, Economics, Strategy, Authorities, Research & Academia background to provide thought leadership. They will be of strong support to AI Ethics International’s vision towards “achieving a better AI environment for humanity, all the living beings and the mother earth”.

They will guide the Chair and the Executive Board on the functional aspects, National Chapters formation and will support in strategy & policy formation.

Advisory Board


The Secretariat will be presently based in Singapore, persuade awareness and development of ethical AI standard in regional and global level, initiate formation of local chapters for different regions and works closely with these chapters, local authorities, corporations, individuals through co-operations to help establishing standards & norms, carrying out researches & surveys, keeping tracks, encouraging good practices, sharing knowledges and raising funds for operations. Transparent and committed approach is helping secretariat to reach and get support from multi discipline responsible policy makers, members and citizens and thereby gets access to broad- based expertise and inputs of global data. This will help the local chapters for work more efficiently towards a better world.


There are two categories for individual contributors-

Member Contributor: They contribute through their expertise on the subject matter and international experience to this movement. These members are finally screened by the membership committee.

Guest Contributor: Those who want to contribute through highlighting issues, providing complimenting inputs, adding value to this movement through participation in certain convention/seminar, arranging events or by highlighting / informing on certain incidents/breaches.

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AI Ethics International work through contributions from different segments of the organization. Our final decisions on policies are taken at the Secretariat.

AI Ethics International Secretariat helps developing the National Chapters. National Chapters consolidates the local requirements, feedbacks, arrange local annual general meeting so that more of individual contributors can join and contribute. Individual contributors can contribute to both National Chapters and Secretariat. Executive Board oversees the Secretariat and Advisory Board advises the Executive Board.

Disclosure Policy

AI Ethics International is committed towards public disclosure of information on the information gathered in the secretariat library, as per its policy. It will take utmost care to protect the confidentiality of the source , however will honor the law of the land.


Secretariat remains responsible for the final selection of the individual contributor who are recommended by National Chapters, Executive Board or Advisory Board. National Chapters’ recommendation is not restricted by any geographical location or expert domain.