Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used mostly for specific tasks. This will gradually permeate to more coordinated activities between multiple AI modules resulting to AI everything era and finally to an Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Consciousness.

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There is every possibility that, due to shear competitiveness, compromises may be made; programs or algorithms are not properly tested for all probable inputs. As AI will learn from the earlier incidents, for situations that rarely happens or never been encountered, AI will act based on the ethical biases of the programmer who developed the algorithm for that Artificial Intelligence. The same ethical bias may not be of the best interest of the society and will not provide trustworthy AI.

With progress of civilization, our activities have already put the mother earth and her habitat through a serious stress. Humanity has witnessed the devastation that the nuclear explosions have done. We believe that AI has potentiality of doing more mass harm, if not monitored.

It is important thus, that we manage this new technology at the early stage of its growth in a manner, that, we don’t need to unwind our activities. At this stage of AI, we want to ensure that we walk along a path that helps us to harness the true potential of this technology, ensures implementation of AI Ethics and takes us to a better world for all the living animals in this world.